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TERANI COUTURE was established in the year of 1990 in New York City. TERANI COUTURE is a world-renowned designer of special occasion evening and formal wear fundamental for any glamorous occasion. We are one of the top designer manufactures in women's apparel. Our dresses range in a variety of collections such as Prom, Homecoming, Evening, Cocktail, Pageants, Mother of the Bride, and Suits. TERANI COUTURE dresses are inspired by other top designers around the world. TERANI COUTURE's original designs are constructed from the hottest, happening trends seen in today's fashion market and presented on the runways of New York, Los Angeles, and Milan Fashion Week. We use high quality materials, fabric, and detailing on all our dresses to produce the finest styles around. It is important to us to stay on top, so we seek to carry new trends and designs inspired from around the world.


We are a couture line because our designers use exclusive designs ranging from fantastic prints to only the finest fabrics around. TERANI COUTURE's design team intricately formulates elegance and class to perfect any woman's special occasion. Our dresses carry Lustrous Silks, Chiffons, Charmeuse, and Foulard graciously embellish form fitting and flowing silhouettes that will turn any head. We put a touch of elegance in each of our collections, because we want you to look stunning at any occasion. TERANI COUTURE can be we worn at any occasion, from prom to weddings events. Have a pageant competition coming up? No problem, we carry a phenomenal pageant line that will blow your contestants away. Many pageants choose to represent TERANI COUTURE when it comes to competing.


Our collections are well known for suiting girls and women of all ages! We provide beauty and elegance along with chic affordability for women, youth and teens. Our styles fit any type of occasion. We can suit young girls looking for that young sassy sweet 16 look. To dressing older women looking for that elegant and formal look at a wedding. You have a special occasion? We have a special dress to fit that occasion! Everyone wants to make a bold statement when dressing for an event. Our dresses speak for itself. A TERANI COUTURE dress is unlike any other dress. We dress to impress!


TERANI is a worldwide name seen in the pages of major publishing's such as Teen Vogue, Savvy Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Prom, Hot Shots Prom and Prom Girl. Pageants girl's from around the world steal the spotlight every year in TERANI COUTURE gowns.Our dresses are worn at a variety of events. We are not only known for that red carpet glamour, but also known to inspire the media with our finest collection. TERANI designs have been exposed at the Oscars, behind the scenes of hit productions like Twilight, Gossip Girl, American Idol, and flaunted on the bodies of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Ashley Greene, Shawn Johnson, Vana White, and Madeline Caroll are only a few of many to represent TERANI COUTURE. Not only are celebrities representing a TERANI COUTURE dress, but many pageants are known to wear our dresses to rock the runway. The press page listed on our website covers more information on our current media coverage.


The TERANI COUTURE collections are also highlighted at major trade shows such as Coterie NY, Intermezzo in New York, The Bride Show Los Angeles, MAGIC in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Bridal, Dallas Market Center, Chicago National Bridal, Pure England, and our corporate showroom in Atlanta. People around the world choose TERANI COUTURE because we offer a wide selection of couture dresses that everyone is looking for. It's always about staying up to date with our line and continuing to improve. Many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, and more refer to TERANI COUTURE when it comes choosing high quality dresses. Not only do people choose TERANI COUTURE because our fine dresses, but because it's all about timing. We understand it's important to receive that one special dress for that occasion on time. Therefore we make it out priority to deliver our dresses to you on time. We also take into consideration of carrying plus sizes. This is very important to us, because we want everyone to shine at that special occasion!